Air Quality in Calderdale

Air quality is a term used to describe how clean or polluted the air is.  Good air quality really means that the air is clean.  In Calderdale the biggest contribution to air pollution comes from road traffic, although other activities and national pollution incidents can have an effect.  Vehicle engines produce both nitrogen dioxide and fine particulate matter (like smoke but not always visible).  For this reason the Council measures these types of pollution close to major roads and in areas where a problem is known or suspected to exist.
Air quality has been in the news recently, with pollution and health concerns making the headlines.  The Council would like to know what you think about air pollution, the Council’s pollution monitoring, and how you would like us to make the information we collect interesting and relevant. 
Q1 Is air quality an important issue for you?
Q2 Have you seen the air quality monitoring data we publish?
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Q3 If you have seen the data, did you...... Please tick all that apply.  
Q4 If you have seen the data do you feel it is easy to understand?
Q6 Do you look out for information about air quality, for example on the Government’s web pages or alerts?
Q7 What kind of presentation would make the Council’s monitoring data most helpful/easy to understand for you? Please tick all that apply.
Q8 Which devices would you use to look at air quality information? Please tick all that apply.
Q9 Does knowledge of air pollution levels affect your travel choices?
Q10 If you answered yes to Q9 is your choice made to ........ Please tick all that apply.
Q11 If you knew pollution levels on your route were high (and if travelling in a vehicle knowing that air quality can be worse inside a vehicle than outside), would you
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