Drugs, alcohol and tobacco service

Our service

Branching Out

The Drug, Alcohol and Tobacco Service is called Branching Out, and is provided by Humankind. Our service in Calderdale works with young people under the age of 21 around any level of substance misuse and delivers standalone 1:1 inventions for smokers under 18 years old.

What we can do for you

Branching Out is the specialist drug, alcohol and tobacco service for children, young people, families, professionals and communities of Calderdale. We offer:

Branching Out (Humankind) has a dedicated Concerned Other Worker, an Education Training and Development Worker, five locality workers and volunteers.

Academies and Schools: Please see our school offer: Branching out school offer

Pupils and Families: The service can be accessed as a self referral via telephone, Facebook, text or face to face.

You can find more about the Branching out service, referral pathways and information sharing protocols at: Humankind

Who to contact

SPOA (Single point of access) Telephone: 01422 415550 (option 2)

Email: branchingout@humankindcharity.org.uk

Website: Humankind

Facebook: /Humankindcharity

Twitter: @Branching_Out

Last Updated: 12/09/2018