Sexual health and contraception

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There are a number of sexual health clinics in Calderdale, which offer free, confidential advice and support on:

Are worried about your sexual health, or just have some questions? You can talk to your doctor or make an appointment at your local contraception and sexual health clinic.


Sexual health clinics

The Sexual Health Service can be found at:

For help and advice about your sexual health or to attend one of the clinics, please visit: Sexual Healthor phone: 01422 261370.


Testing for Chlamydia

One in ten under 25s tested for Chlamydia have the disease. Chlamydia is a bacteria that affects the sexual organs and is a sexual transmitted infection (STI). Most people do not have any signs or symptoms, so may not know they have it.

What is the Chlamydia Screening Programme?

It is a national screening programme set up by the Government. It is to encourage young people to have a Chlamydia test and to get treatment if they need it.

These Free tests are available to everyone under 25 years old. All you need to do is give a simple urine sample. To request your free test or read more about it, please visit: Chlamydia Screening Programme|External link


Information and support for young people

Young people can get information or support from NHS Choices, visit: Sex and young people|External linkor phone: 0800 28 29 30 (Sexwise helpline).

You can also visit the Young People's Drop In clinics available in Calderdale at:

For opening times, please visit: NHS Choices - opening times|External link .


Teenage Pregnancy

The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a test. These can be bought from supermarkets and chemists or done free of charge by your GP.

Do you have a risk of unintended pregnancy and have you had sex within the last 5 days? You can still take emergency contraception to help prevent the conception and the sooner you take this the better. You can:


Useful links

The C-Card scheme offers support and advice about sexual health. It also offers condoms and other products to help support you. The scheme offers Chlamydia screening and selected sites will be able to offer pregnancy testing. You can access the service wherever you see the Calderdale C-Card symbol.

Condoms: In Calderdale you can buy condoms over the counter in most large shops. You can also get them free at certain services and the sexual health service. To get free condoms by post (details available soon).

Sex and young people|External link
For information and support on contraception, alcohol and sex, pregnancy testing, sexuality and peer pressure for young people (provided by NHS Choices).

Sex: worth talking about|External link
Why it is important to talk about sex, plus information and support on sexual health, sexually transmitted diseases (STIs) and contraception (provided by NHS Choices).

NHS Choice: Sexual health|External link
Information and support on sexual health for all ages, including contraception, STIs, pregnancy and sexuality.

Brook|External link
A registered charity that gives information, guidance and support to young people on sexual health and sex. They also have a free and confidential helpline for under 25s, phone: 0808 802 1234.

Family Planning Association (FPA)|External link
This is a registered charity that has information and advice on sexual health, sex and relationships for everyone in the UK.

For more about Sexual Health Services in Calderdale or the Public Health commission, please contact:
Kate Horne by email at or by phone: 01422 266154.

Last Updated: 12/10/2016