Your personal records

Access to records - adults 

We record information that helps us and you, including:

If you have questions about your records

Ask at the office where your records are held, we are always pleased to discuss with you your needs and circumstances and the services we provide to help you.

Your rights to see your personal records

You have a legal right to see your records, but you must make your request in writing, and there may be some information that we cannot show you because, for example it may:

These are all unusual cases. Normally you can see what records we have about you. You do not have an automatic right to see anything recorded about other members of your family, or anyone else, even when these are part of your records.

Asking to see your records

An application form must be completed and this can be found on .

Please complete the application form with the following information:

This information you supply will allow us to trace your records as quickly as possible and ensure that the records you see are the ones of interest to you.

Seeing your records

A copy of your records will be sent to you by recorded delivery within forty days of receiving your completed application form. However, in certain cases you may be asked to visit one of our offices to discuss the content of your personal file with a social worker. You will be given a copy of your file at the meeting.

If you think your personal records are wrong

You will need to be specific about why you think the information is wrong and what you think we should do to correct it. Any requests for information to be corrected will be dealt with promptly and we will send a copy of the corrected information to you. You will be notified within twenty-one days of action taken.

There are three courses of action:

If you are not allowed to see your records

You will be notified in writing that you cannot have access to your records and will normally be told the reason for the decision.

Mental Health Records

Within Mental Health Services records are held jointly between Calderdale Adults, Health and Social Care and South West Yorkshire Partnership Foundation Trust.

If you have a complaint

Ask for a complaint leaflet by contacting the Complaints and Compliments Unit on 01422 392279 or email

Calderdale Council complies with the Data Protection Act 2018 and gives you a contact for any enquiries under the Act.

The Act is administered in the UK by the:

Equal opportunities

We recognise the diverse needs of our residents and local communities and aim to ensure that our services are accessible to all and delivered in a way that is appropriate, fair and sensitive.

Last updated: 06/06/2018