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Peer Challenge - January 2016

Peer Challenge helps a Local Authority and its partners assess current achievements, areas for development and capacity to change. Specifically the Peer Challenge seeks to identify an organisation's current strengths and areas requiring improvement.

During January 2016 Calderdale Council participated in a Peer Challenge by the Local Government Association (LGA)  into Commissioning for Better Outcomes in the Council's Adults, Health and Social Care Directorate and with partners. 

The Council was seeking an external view on the quality of the Directorate's commissioning activities in delivering personalised outcomes. The Council intends to use the findings of this Peer Challenge as a marker on its improvement journey. The specific scope of the work was:

Local Government Association: Peer Challenge Report into Calderdale Council's Commissioning Outcomes in Adults, Health and Social Care - January 2016 [PDF file 497KB]|PDF file

Last Updated: 15/03/2017