Market Position Statement 2015-2016

4.1 Support for carers

Calderdale Council commissions and funds a wide range of support to carers. 3,300 carers were supported in the last year.

Calderdale Carers Project is the main support organisation for all carers and they provide information, advice, support groups, training, counselling and activities for carers. 1,900 carers are currently registered with them.

There are also several specialist organisations who have provided support to the following numbers of carers in 2014:

There is also specific support available for carers of people with terminal illness, learning disabilities, stroke and substance misuse, as well as bilingual support for carers from the Asian Community.

Case study

Mrs A is a carer for her husband; she was referred to Making Space by a Community Psychiatric Nurse from the Mental Health Team.  Initially her needs were based around language barriers, although she works part-time in her local school, she struggled communicating with professionals and reading letters.

Mrs A was pregnant and needed help with moving to bigger accommodation, this caused her distress and she felt lost on how to go about applying for a house.  She was also struggling financially and found it hard to cope with the lack of support she felt.  During visits it become apparent she was under a lot of stress and required practical and emotional support.

A person centred approach was applied during one-to-one emotional sessions, where Mrs A managed to explore her options of moving to a bigger accommodation. She was signposted to Doorways and applied for a house, throughout this support was provided by Making Space to help her apply for a property. A carers fund was also applied from the Calderdale Carers Project which contributed towards her move. Having regular support helped Mrs A with reading letters and having the confidence to apply for the relevant benefits. With this support in place, her confidence grew and eventually she started to attend an Asian ladies support group run by the Carers Project.

After the birth of her child, Mrs A was able to move to a new home, this new start had a positive impact on her wellbeing. She returned to work after maternity leave and started to cope better with everyday life. The main support needs were around language barriers, now Mrs A is considering doing a English course to improve her communication skills.  She will be supported by Making Space to help find local English learning courses in Calderdale.

Last Updated: 08/08/2016