Market Position Statement 2015-2016

1.2 Introduction

The Market Position Statement (MPS) is a document for all adult social care providers in Calderdale.  It sets out the profile of services available along with the current supply and demand for them and outlines the model of support the Council wishes to encourage.

To deliver on our commitment to shaping the market we need to make sure residents can choose from a variety of providers and creative support options.  Residents must also understand what support is available and be able to make informed choices by having easy access to information about the quality, flexibility, safety and cost of services that are available in Calderdale. The MPS complements and add value to the business planning and development activities of current and potential providers.

In June 2014, the 2013-2014 MPS was launched with a theme of ‘Starting a new Conversation and Affairs of the Heart’. A number of Calderdale providers attended and saw how the Council was encouraging a change in the way care and support is provided in Calderdale. 

The MPS should be used as a tool for all social care providers in the area as a reference to ensure they are aware of the correct demographic, geographic and statistical information of the population of Calderdale which will enable them to address market capacity and capability, identify pressure points and decide on how the best and most creative services can be provided. 

The Council is committed to working together with providers to achieve a diverse and active market where innovation is encouraged, where people who need services are at the same time kept safe but enabled and supported in a way they would choose.

The MPS not only focuses on regulated services such as home care, day services, shared lives schemes and care homes. It looks at describing trends within the unregulated market such as direct payments, individual service funds (ISFs), personal assistants and supported living schemes.

In 2015 two significant changes affected how social care is provided. The first being the Care Act 2014 which is the single largest change to health and social care policy in the last sixty years. The Care Act brings together a number of existing laws and introduces new duties to local authorities and care providers. The second change is the Better Care Fund, a government-led initiative, which transforms how Health and Local Authorities work together and integrate their services. 

It is the Council’s responsibility to make sure that people who receive social care services are safe. Investment has been made into our Safeguarding Team and there is now a Calderdale Safeguarding Adults Board which oversees the safeguarding incidents and activity within Calderdale.

Last Updated: 08/08/2016