Market Position Statement

1.1 Welcome from the Head of Adult Care (DASS)

Photograph of Iain Baines Head of Adult Care (DASS) for Calderdale Council

Iain Baines, Head of Adult Care (DASS)


Welcome to this Market Position Statement (MPS) produced by Calderdale Council’s Adults, Health and Social Care directorate. 

We have updated our approach to the MPS and now include charts and graphs that are frequently updated throughout the year to reflect the current position with services.

Market shaping and commissioning of adult care and support is paramount in the Care Act 2014 and Calderdale welcomes this principle so we can:

I hope you find this document helpful and informative

The MPS can help us overcome the major challenges that adult social care faces with increasing demand, particularly amongst older people not being matched by the limited resources to fund services. We believe that cooperation through sharing expertise and information supports a forward thinking, innovative adult social care market where we might achieve better outcomes for our residents at a lower cost.

We want to facilitate more options for quality care services for people in Calderdale. This is to ensure people can access the care they want, that people have other options should their provider fail either financially or in quality and to help people meet their outcomes without the need for hospital treatment or long term institutionalised care.

I hope that you find the Market Position Statement helpful and informative and that it provides you with an insight into how we want care and support services to look in Calderdale.

Last Updated: 24/01/2017