Market Position Statement 2015-2016

3.1 How the money was spent

What we achieved in 2013/14

Despite lots of financial pressures, especially within learning disabilities services at the start of 2013/14, we managed to stay within our budget and even had an under-spend. This was a result of managing the demand for our services better and receiving some additional money from the NHS and the Council.


In 2013/14 we spent £71million on adult social care services. Most of this money was spent on paying for residential care, but a large amount was also spent on day services, home care and self-directed support. The Council provides 28% of all social care services, with the other 72% being provided by independent, voluntary and community organisations.

The chart below shows how we spent the money to support various service user groups. Over half was spent on older people and nearly a third was spent on people with a learning disability.

Last Updated: 08/08/2016