Reporting performance


Our performance is monitored both nationally and locally in a variety of ways to ensure we provide high quality services which meet the needs of adults who require services from us, in a way that enables them to remain in control of their lives.

National performance reporting

At the national level we provide annual returns relating to things such as direct payments, home care, residential and nursing care, and how quickly we deal with assessments.

Also each year we produce a Local Account which reports on the quality of adult social care for residents in Calderdale. It is written in an easy to read format and shows that we have a good level of self awareness both of areas of good practice and areas where improvement is required.

The Local Account only covers adult services.

Local performance reporting

We work with other councils in the Yorkshire and Humber Region so that we can learn from each other and develop best practice.

Within the Directorate, to help us ensure that our performance remains on track, we have developed a three year Directorate Service Plan. This is updated annually, contains key areas for improvement and feeds into the Council’s Planning Framework.

Last Updated: 22/07/2016