Safeguarding adults - Report adult abuse

Safeguarding for professionals

Policies and procedures are agreed and published by the Group Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Policy and Procedures for West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York December 2015 [PDF file 1222KB]|PDF file.

This is a comprehensive document which provides the framework for Safeguarding Adults across the West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York region.

This Summary Guide is designed to provide straightforward information and advice for frontline staff, volunteers and managers who work with adults at risk; supporting them to respond promptly and effectively to allegations or concerns of abuse. Summary Guide to Multi-Agency Safeguarding Adults Process, West Yorkshire, North Yorkshire and York December 2015 [PDF file 1145KB]|PDF file

How to report adult abuse

Please use this form to make safeguarding (adults) alerts to Calderdale Council: Safeguarding (Adults) Alert Form [Word file 106KB]|Word file

Guidance about completing and submitting the alert form is available is this document: Initial Guidance for safeguarding adults alert form [PDF file 412KB]|PDF file


NHS Safeguarding Adults guide [PDF file 328KB]|PDF file

Falls Protocol

This protocol is to be used in conjunction with the Safeguarding Adults West and North Yorkshire & York Multi Agency Policy and Procedure to offer guidance to professionals about when to report falls as safeguarding concerns.

Falls Protocol [PDF file 753KB]|PDF file

NHS Safeguarding Guide App

The NHS have produced a new mobile app, as a resource for healthcare professionals to increase their awareness and understanding of safeguarding requirements by providing an overview of necessary legislation and guidance covering both adult and children’s safeguarding.

Available for Apple &  Android or Web .

Training Programme April 2017 to March 2018

The Care Act requires SABs to ensure that relevant partners provide training for staff and volunteers on the policy, procedures and professional practices that are in place locally, which reflects their roles and responsibilities in safeguarding adult arrangements.

Making Safeguarding Personal

The Making Safeguarding Personal initiative is a national project set out to develop person-centred responses to safeguarding circumstances, by encouraging councils and their partners to develop a portfolio of responses they can offer to people who have experienced harm and abuse, so that they are empowered and their outcomes are improved.

A successful approach is to ask the person at the beginning what outcomes they wanted to achieve, to check these midway and then review whether or not the outcomes had been met at the end. It is clear that people want to feel in control and are more likely to do so when an outcome-focused, person centred approach is used.

This document outlines the learning and improvement approach which supports the work of the board and the application of its policies and procedures, and takes forward the key principles of Making Safeguarding Personal. It demonstrates our plan for the development of the workforce so that those working with adults at risk are appropriately skilled and competent.

Calderdale Safeguarding Adults Board Training Programme April 2017 to March 2018 [PDF file 303KB]|PDF file

Last Updated: 27/12/2017