Choosing a care home or nursing home

Support provided in a care home can involve: help with eating, washing, bathing, dressing and toilet needs, and caring for you if you become ill. Some homes provide services for people with more complex needs, including nursing care.

The decision to recommend a residential or nursing home will only be made after a full has been carried out. An assessment will help us make sure we give you the best advice possible.

As well as homes in Calderdale, you can also consider homes in other local authority areas. You might decide that you would like to be closer to friends and relatives, or that your needs would be better met elsewhere.

Choosing a care home is an important decision. You need to choose one that is right for you, both now and in the future. You can get advice from a social worker, district nurse or your family doctor. There is also useful information on the AgeUK website including a guide and a checklist which can be downloaded: AgeUK Care Homes Checklist.

For a list of all the care homes in Calderdale, their contact details, information about the service they provide and links to their Care Quality Commission reports, visit the Social Care and Wellbeing Hub.

Last Updated: 14/11/2016