Combined sight and hearing loss


Our aim is to enable people who have both a hearing and a sight loss to maintain or improve their level of independence by helping them with communication, access to information, mobility and daily living tasks. 

The Dual Sensory Specialist Worker liaises closely with the Rehabilitation Officers for People with a Visual Impairment and the Social Workers with Deaf People.

We also provide a service for children, young people and adults who have a dual sensory loss and who live in Calderdale.

Communication skills

We can offer advice and training to help you maintain your reading, writing and listening skills. You may be referred to the Visual Impairment Team to learn new skills such as Braille, Moon or typing or to the Social Worker with Deaf People.

Where appropriate the deafblind manual alphabet or block alphabet can be taught to Service Users, their carers and friends. These are tactile communication methods where words are spelt out onto the Service User’s palm.

Equipment for daily living

Our staff can advise and demonstrate a wide range of equipment. This includes alerting and amplifying equipment, such as extra loud doorbells and telephone amplifiers, which can help you with your hearing loss.

To help you with your sight loss we can demonstrate items of equipment, which may help you to maintain your independence, such as specialist lighting and big button telephones. Training in the safe use of equipment will be provided.

Resource Centre

Adults, Health and Social Care has a small Resource Centre at Glenholme, Green Lane, West Vale, for people who are visually impaired and / or hearing-impaired. At the centre we can demonstrate a range of specialist equipment and our staff can arrange for you to try these out. If you wish we can help you to order any of the items. Some equipment is available free of charge on permanent loan.

Last Updated: 10/08/2016