Combined sight and hearing loss

Getting help

If you have sight and hearing problems, which make it difficult for you to access information, get out and about and communicate with others, you can ask for a visit from the Dual Sensory Team. 

For example you may have problems reading, even with glasses, and struggle to hear clearly. We may be able to help you with information and / or equipment.

You may have developed sight and hearing difficulties as you have got older or you may have been dual sensory impaired from birth.

Assessing your needs

To find out more and to ask for an assessment contact Gateway to Care.

Carers who provide significant and regular support can request a separate carer’s assessment (Carers Recognition Act 1995).

It may be relatively easy for our staff to meet your needs by helping you to obtain and use specialist equipment, adapting the way you use your own equipment or showing you other ways to use it. You may be referred on to a Rehabilitation Officer for People with a Visual Impairment for specialist help with your sight loss, such as mobility training.

You may also be referred to the Hearing Impairment Team for specialist help with your hearing loss.

If other needs are identified, such as help with personal care, you can be referred to one of the Older People and Physical Disabilities Services teams for a Community Care Assessment.

Specialist Inclusion Service

Support staff can assist children from birth until the end of their schooling. Social Services and Education specialist workers liaise to provide a cohesive, quality service. Advice and guidance can be obtained from the within Children and Young People's Services.

Last Updated: 14/11/2016