Help leaving hospital


We will try our best to offer you and your family any services you need as soon as possible. However, there are often times when the number of people needing support exceeds the availability of specific services.

If this happens, we will always try to find an alternative.

Minor adaptations

The Home from Hospital service may be able to assist with minor adaptations to your home. See Home from hospital.

Cost of services

Whilst Community Health (NHS) Services are generally free, the costs of services arranged by Calderdale Council vary. Some are free. Other services (for example, frozen meals) have a fixed charge. The costs of Home Care and other related services are charged according to your ability to pay and the amount of service you receive.

If you arrange services yourself, which are provided directly to you by a company or a voluntary group, you should make sure you understand their charges and are able to pay.

If, once you are home, you are going to need ten or more hours of social care service each week, then Calderdale Council may be able to provide money to pay for the services in your Care Plan so that you can arrange these for yourself. This is known as Direct Payments.

If you cannot return to your own home

If you need to move from hospital into a residential care or nursing care home we can give you advice on how to do this, and on the costs involved.

Calderdale Council funds a limited number of places in these homes, based on an assessment of your needs and finances.

A few people leaving hospital are eligible for NHS funded continuing care. Details of the criteria for this are available from NHS Calderdale.

Last Updated: 20/09/2016