Hearing impairment

Assessing your needs

Adults, Health and Social Care can offer help, advice and equipment for a wide range of difficulties arising out of hearing loss. Several workers are qualified to British Sign Language Stage 1, and many have received Deaf Awareness Training.

According to your situation, assessments are carried out by locally based care co-ordinators or by specially trained and qualified staff.

Carers who provide significant and regular support can also request a separate Carers Assessment (Care Act 2014).

Specialist equipment can be loaned to you following a hearing impairment assessment of need.

If you have more complex needs, Gateway to Care will arrange for the Social Worker with Deaf People to carry out an assessment, and offer long term support where appropriate.

Recent or sudden hearing loss

Advice, information and support will be given around your specific areas of need. Additional services may be arranged through other agencies.


Adults, Health and Social Care has a statutory responsibility to keep a register of people who are deaf or hard of hearing in Calderdale. Registration is entirely voluntary and you do not have to be registered to ask us for help with problems arising out of hearing loss. Currently over 650 people are registered deaf or hard of hearing. We assume that many more people with a hearing loss live in Calderdale and have not registered.

Last Updated: 15/03/2017