Direct payments

Switching to direct payments

To get Direct Payments you must have had a Community Care Assessment that resulted in your requiring social care support.

Once you have told us that you are interested in having Direct Payments, a worker from the Direct Payments Team will arrange to visit you to explain in detail how Direct Payments work and will help you make your decision and offer support to help you run your Direct Payments.

The worker will convert the assessed support needs into money which can be paid to you so that you can employ someone to help you - your own Personal Assistant - or you can employ a Care Agency. The amount of money you will get as a Direct Payment depends on the number of hours of service you are assessed as needing each week. Payments are made every four weeks, into a separate Direct Payments bank account which you must set up.

When your Direct Payments service is up and running, you can still change your mind at any time and go back to having your services arranged for you.

Here are some examples of support from the Direct Payments Team:

Further information

If you are interested in having Direct Payments contact Gateway to Care.

Detailed information is also available from:

Last Updated: 15/03/2017