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Introduction to Shared Lives of Calderdale


Shared happiness, shared rewards, shared fulfilment

Shared Lives of Calderdale provides short breaks, long term care and daytime support for people who need extra help in their lives. Shared Lives carers provide this help in their own home or in the homes of the people being cared for.

Everyone gets something out of it. Adults in need get a welcome break in a friendly environment, they meet new people, enjoy different experiences and retain their independence. Families get a break and a little time to themselves.

Shared Lives carers get the satisfaction of knowing they are making a difference.

Shared Lives of Calderdale - tailored not tied down

Shared Lives provides the best possible care, the type of care that people really want and quality care that matches individual circumstances and assessed needs. Sometimes a stay away from home or a regular day out is the ideal option and may also give family carers a welcome break. If longer term care in required, Shared Lives can provide that too.

It's a great way of letting people live independent lives with the security of having qualified support on hand.

How to use this service

To benefit from the Shared Lives of Calderdale service you will need to have an assessment by Calderdale Council which will take into account any special requirements you may have. This is to make sure the service can meet your individual needs. Once you have had your assessment and if Shared Lives is right for you, someone from the service will be in touch to take things to the next stage.

Shared Lives of Calderdale is regulated by the Care Quality Commission|External link

Equal opportunities

Calderdale Council has an Equal Opportunities Policy. Shared Lives of Calderdale's workers and carers will seek to ensure equality in the provision of treatment and care for all of the people using the service.

Last Updated: 08/08/2016