Support services

Buying your own support services

Adults, Health and Social Care (AHSC) provides support services when your care plan shows you need them. Instead of providing the services, AHSC may be able to give you the money for you to buy what you want, to meet your needs.

For a list of people who provide support, contact your Community Learning Disabilities Team.

You might buy your own services using Direct Payments or Independent Living Funds|External link. Speak to people in the Community Teams and they will help and advise you.

Direct Payments

Instead of having services arranged for you, a Direct Payment provides you with the money so that you can buy the care you need for yourself.

Some people with learning disabilities already have Direct Payments. You can choose to have them. How much your Direct Payment money would be depends on the services your care plan says you need.

What you can buy with Direct Payments:

You can decide how your needs will be met, the times that suit you, and who will provide your help.

Help available to use Direct Payments

Our Direct Payments staff are here to help you. They can let you know about:

Changing your mind about using Direct Payments

If you start to have Direct Payments and then change your mind, that is okay. Just tell us you want to have your services arranged for you again.

Independent Living Funds

Independent Living Funds|External link is a nationally administered fund available to provide money for social and leisure support.

To find out if you may be eligible and to get help in making an application, contact the Community Learning Disabilities Team .

Last Updated: 15/03/2017