VIP Card and VIP Passport

VIP Card

Always have your important health information with you....carry your VIP card.

If you are in an accident or you are taken ill, it can be very stressful and it can be hard to remember things that doctors and nurses need to know

If you had an accident or needed to go to hospital in an emergency:

  • Would other people know important information about you?
  • Would they know any allergies you have or medication you take?
  • Would they know who to call in an emergency?
  • Would people know how to help you understand what is happening or what help you might need if you were taken to hospital?

With a VIP card you can carry this important information with you all the time. You can contact Gateway to Care to get your wallet size VIP card.

If you need to go into hospital, your VIP Passport can be given to the hospital staff. It will give them information about your health so they can help you. You can print off your VIP Passport [PDF file 797KB]|PDF file or contact Gateway to Care for more information.

If you need any help with filling it in you can ask a member of staff, your GP or a nurse.