Help with your home

Once you have found a place to live you can get the help you need to live in your own home.

You may need:

  • help to set up your home
  • help with personal care or special equipment
  • help to understand official letters and documents - including your tenancy agreement
  • advice about claiming benefits
  • help contacting other services
  • help with money and paying bills
  • help getting to know people in your neighbourhood
  • help to look after your home
  • help when things don't go as well as you had hoped.

Help if you have a physical disability

To make living at home easier for those with a physical disability or with additional needs, Calderdale Council can provide special equipment.

This could include bathing equipment, stair lifts, wheelchair ramps or other changes to your home.

To receive this kind of equipment you will first need to have an assessment at your home by an occupational therapist. The loan of the equipment is free. Please contact the Gateway to Care team for more information.