Personal budgets

Organising your personal budget

Once it has been agreed that you can have a Personal Budget, a social care worker will talk with you about how you would like your budget to be used. You can organise your Personal Budget in three different ways:

  1. Direct Payments:
    If you want to manage your own Personal Budget we can pay the money directly to you. You will then be responsible for organising and paying for your own social care support.

    You will need to open a separate bank account in your own name, with cheque book facilities, for your budget to be paid into. Our Support Planning Team can help you with using Direct Payments.
  2. Care Managed Service:
    The Council has Care Managers who can act for you. They can plan, arrange and organise support for you. If you decide that a Care Managed Service is the best way for you, the Council will use you Personal Budget to pay for services on your behalf, instead of paying it to you.
  3. Mixed Budget:
    You can choose to have a combination of Direct Payment and Care Managed Service if you want.

Personal budgets and income tax and benefits

You do not need to declare your Personal Budget for tax or benefit purposes. It is not considered personal income for these purposes; it is paid to meet your social care needs.

Any money left in your Personal Budget Account when it is audited will be claimed back by the Council.

Last Updated: 20/09/2016