Personal budgets

Buying social care for adults

A Personal Budget is a regular sum of money that can be used to buy the social care you need. Having a Personal Budget can help you to meet your personal and social needs by enabling you to:

You may be able to have a Personal Budget if you are:

To make sure we provide help fairly the Government has set the levels of need that you must meet to receive social care from the Council.

This information does not apply to people under the age of 18. The Council's Children and Young People's Services may be able to help people under the age of 18.

Simple steps to getting a Personal Budget

  1. Gateway to Care
    Contact Gateway to Care on 01422 393000. The Gateway to Care advisor will talk about what your needs are. We may ask you to try Reablement to help you to regain your independence before using a Personal Budget. Reablement may last for up to eight weeks and there may be a charge for this service. If, after Reablement, you still need help we will continue with your application for a Personal Budget.
  2. The "My Outcomes" Form
    When you apply for a Personal Budget you will be asked to fill in a My Outcomes form. This will help you to look at and tell us about the areas of your life that you would like to improve. It covers all areas of how you live, such as your personal care needs, keeping safe and being part of your community.

    Your friends and family can help you to complete the My Outcomes form. If you have a social care worker they can help too. We will use the answers you give to check if you are able to have a Personal Budget.
  3. Money
    You may have to make a contribution towards your Personal Budget. To make sure that any contribution is set at the correct amount, we will arrange for someone from the Council's Fairer Charging Team to visit you at home to offer you a benefits check and financial assessment.
  4. Support Plan
    If we are able to give you a Personal Budget we will help you to make a Support Plan. The Support Plan will set out how your Personal Budget will be spent to meet your social care needs.

Last Updated: 20/09/2016