Children's health

Babies and young children who are too young to go to school have a health visitor who will support and advise their parents or carers. For more information, visit: Locala Calderdale Public Health Early Years' Service (PHEYS)

The school nurse can give confidential support and advice to children at school - ask a teacher when the school nurse will be visiting the school.

Young people who have left school can get confidential support and advice from the nurse or doctor at their GP’s surgery, Health Centre or Young Person’s Clinic. For details of health centres which have Young Person's clinics see Sexual health and contraception.

Also see Branching Out, which is a confidential alcohol and drug service for young people in Calderdale, provided by Lifeline Branching Out (Lifeline)

Hearing and/or visual impairment

Children with hearing and/or visual impairments can have an assessment and receive support from the specialist workers based in Adult Services.  For information and contact details see Hearing Impairment, Visual impairment, and Combined hearing and sight loss.

Calderdale Council also has a Specialist Inclusion Service to help children with hearing and/or visual impairments with their education, both in and out of school.  For more information and contact details see .

Healthy Early Years Support (HEYS)

The HEYS service is for any mum or dad with their first child, either during pregnancy or in their child’s first year, who feels they need extra support. HEYS offers a flexible service shaped to your needs and the needs of your child. You can be referred to HEYS by your midwife, health visitor or another service e.g. college, housing support.

To find out more visit ourwebsite, contact the service on 01422 392681 or speak to your midwife or health visitor.

Last Updated: 15/06/2016