Emergency support (social care)

Health and Social Care (Adult Services) and Children and Young People's Services provide an emergency service at nights, weekends and bank holidays when their offices are closed - the Emergency Duty Team (EDT). The service is available to any adult or child who has social care difficulties that are causing a serious risk or concern that cannot be left until the start of the next working day.

The number to contact is the Council’s emergency telephone number – 01422 288000.

The phone number above will be answered by the operator at the Council's emergency switchboard. You will be asked for your name and telephone number so that a qualified and experienced social worker can ring you back as soon as possible. There is usually only one social worker on duty at EDT, so there may be a delay before your call is returned.

EDT Staff

All EDT staff are Approved Mental Health Professionals (AMHP) under the Mental Health Act. They are experienced in investigating child protection concerns and dealing with vulnerable older people.

The work of EDT

EDT will respond to all new social care emergencies arising outside of office hours. Staff will make an assessment, on the telephone, of the immediate risk and then take the necessary action to ensure that an individual or family is safe until the next working day. This might involve assessment under the Mental Health Act with possible detention in hospital; child protection investigations and the possible removal of a child deemed to be at risk; arranging foster care; provision of additional home care for older people or arranging residential care.

In addition EDT also provides an 'appropriate adult' service for young people and vulnerable adults detained in custody. For more information see National Appropriate Adult Network|External link.

EDT is the first point of contact for homeless people seeking emergency accommodation out of hours.

For further information contact Gateway to Care.

Last Updated: 11/07/2016