Foster carers for sibling groups

Calderdale Fostering Service is looking to recruit foster carers specifically to care for siblings groups of children and young people of Calderdale. In some cases, it is difficult to keep brothers and sisters together when they need care away from home. This is due to not having enough approved foster carers who are able to provide the space, time and ability to care for 2 or more children.

Do you feel you have the skills, experience, time and commitment to care for a sibling group?

If so, you’ll help them to stay together at a time when they need it most. Although there is no ‘typical’ foster carer you do need to be over the age of 21 years and also have a spare bedroom. In addition, like any parent, you need to be able to provide a safe, loving and secure home. You’ll need to be patient, have a sense of fun as well as be able to work effectively with other professionals.

As a foster carer you’ll receive a fee which is paid 52 weeks a year plus an allowance which is payable when a child or young person is in placement. In addition, we provide the basic equipment for each child in placement as well as clothing allowance when a child is first placed in care. Annually you’ll receive a festival payment, a birthday payment and also a holiday allowance.

In Calderdale, we have support groups for foster carers and each fostering household has an allocated fostering social worker who provides supervision and support on a regular basis. All Calderdale foster carers are able to access our corporate training programme, as well as other fostering specific training.

If you feel you are able to provide the skills required you would be interested in caring for a young person in Calderdale, please get in touch:

Last Updated: 26/01/2017