Fees and allowances

There are two elements to the payments made to foster carers.  One is the Fostering Maintenance Allowance the other is the Skilled Based Fostering Fee.

Fostering Maintenance Allowance

When a child is placed into foster care, the cost of caring for their day to day care is paid to the foster carers in the form of a Fostering Maintenance Allowance. The fostering maintenance allowance is the financial support which pays for the child’s food, clothing, personal care, activities and other expenses which are often incurred when caring for children. The payment is also a reflection that foster care for children costs more that caring for one’s own children.

This allowance will vary according to the age of the child, the type of care the child requires and the complexity of the placement.

The table below gives a basic weekly allowance paid for all children looked after in foster families, which varies according to the age of the child.  It is based on the government’s minimum recommended allowances for April 2016 – March 2017

AgeWeekly Total

The pay increase takes place automatically on the child’s birthday.

Skilled Based Payments

This payment is an addition to the foster allowance and reflects the foster carer’s time, skills and experience.  This fee will only be paid when they have a child looked after in placement.

The Skills Based Payments are divided into four groups to reflect the competence of the foster carer required according to the age and developmental needs or challenges the child presents.  The progression from one group to another depends on the carer showing that they have developed the skills and knowledge to take the next steps in their fostering career.  The Skills Based payment ranges from £138.74 to £386.54 per week.

Additional Allowances

Alongside the fostering maintenance allowance for the child and the skills based payment, there are also additional allowances which can be claimed on an annual basis.  These are to cover:

There is also financial support for the following:

If you have any further questions about caring for a child in foster care and being financially supported to do this, please contact the fostering team below:

E-mail or contact 01422 266097(Monday – Friday).

Last Updated: 19/12/2016