Direct payments


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Direct Payments is money given to you by the Council to buy support services to meet your social care needs, such as support with daily living tasks, respite care and social activities.

People who can receive Direct Payments

Direct Payments can be available to anyone who has social care needs, including carers, to purchase care. For example:

The main advantages of Direct Payments

You will have more choice, control and flexibility over your social care. For example, Andrew needs support with getting in and out of bed due to his physical disability. Prior to receiving Direct Payments he had to go to bed at 7 p.m. as this is the only time the agency had available. He now receives Direct Payments and employs his own Personal Assistant to provide this support at times suitable to him.

What you can buy with Direct Payments

Direct Payments can be used to pay the wages of a Personal Assistant or Care Agency invoices or to purchase other services. Direct Payments are available to meet social care needs usually met by the Council, but not to replace services arranged by other parts of Calderdale Council or the NHS.

Here are some examples of things you cannot purchase using Direct Payments:

Last Updated: 16/02/2017