Concessionary bus and train pass

Eligible people, who live in Calderdale can have a free concessionary travel pass.

The pass gives free or lower cost travel for:

Disabled people:

Blind people:

To check if you are eligible, visit: Blind and disabled passes eligibility|External link

Companion entitlement

Blind people and children under 11 get the companion pass.

For people with severe disabilities, the pass can allow a companion to travel for free, around West Yorkshire. To qualify, the companion must board and leave the bus / train at the same stop as the pass holder.

You can apply for companion entitlement if you are in receipt of:

Applying for a concessionary pass

You can apply for a pass at our Customer First offices in Halifax, Brighouse or Todmorden. Please see: Local Offices .

You will need to provide:

You do not need to bring a photo when you apply. Our staff can take a photo of you.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive your new pass in the post within 10 working days.

Renewing your pass

If your pass is due to expire in the next month, fill in form. Return the form to one of our Customer First Offices at Halifax, Brighouse or Todmorden.

Note: You will need to show proof of eligibility.

Lost and stolen passes

You can obtain a replacement concessionary pass from the Travel Centre at Halifax Bus Station.

The cost to replace a lost or defaced pass is:

For more details, visit: Replacing lost, stolen or damaged passes|External link

Stolen passes will be replaced free of charge, if you have a valid police incident number.

Last Updated: 22/02/2017