Care Act 2014

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The Care Act has been the biggest change to English adult social care law in over 60 years. This page is intended to help you understand the Act and how we are responding in Calderdale, and to provide further information and contact details which you might find helpful. The page is updated as work progresses.

The current statutory framework has changed and the Care Act 2014 replaced and consolidated a number of laws and regulations.

Care Act 2014 legislative consolidation

The nine pieces of legislation in rounded boxes above were replaced by the Care Act 2014.

Key areas of change on 01 April 2015 included:

Reforms to the way that social care is funded, which were to be effective from April 2016, have now been been postponed by the Department of Health until 2020

What have we done so far?

Further information

More detail on the Care Act from the Department of Health is available through the following links:

Care Act 2014|External link

Care Act: Department of Health Factsheets|External link

Care Act: Department of Health Presentation |External link

The Department of Health has written detailed draft regulations and guidance which give much more information on what the Care Act means and how local authorities must respond. These can be found on the Department of Health website.

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If you would like speak to someone regarding the changes ahead and how they may impact you, please contact:

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