Council Tax

Application For Discount For A Hospital Patient

Guidance Notes

Council Tax is made up of a property part of 50% and a personal part of 50%.

The personal part assumes that there are two persons over the age of 18 (adults) living in the property.

If there are more than two adults resident the bill is not increased, however, if there are less than two residents the bill may be reduced.

  1. For discount purposes certain groups of people are ignored (disregarded) when counting the number of adults in the household. This means that in certain circumstances a household with two or more resident adults may still qualify for a discount.
  2. If there are two or more residents in the property aged 18 or over who are not entitled to a discount then no discount can be allowed.
  3. A person can only qualify for a discount if

    • The person is a patient whose sole or main residence is a hospital (or)
    • The person has been detained in a hospital by order of a court of under Part II or section 46, 47, 48 or 136 of the Mental Health Act (1983).

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