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Question What building work should comply with Building Regulations?


Question Building Control - Does the approval of plans, allow my neighbour to build on my land?

Question Can you tell me which building control surveyor covers my area?

Question Do my neighbours have the right to object to my plans under Building Regulations?

Question Does Building Regulation Approval mean that my building work is insured?

Question Does my proposed building work require Building Regulations Approval?

Question How do I get permission to demolish a building?

Question How do I make an application for Building Regulations approval?

Question How much do I have to pay for Building Regulations approval?

Question I have applied for Building Regulations Approval, when will someone come to inspect my site?

Question What are Building Regulations?

Question Who can give me advice on Building Regulations?

Question Why do I need to comply with Building Regulations?

Question What building work is exempt from Building Regulations?

Question What will the charge be for Building Control services?

Question Does the approval of plans permit me to build on or over the boundary onto my neighbour's property?

Last Updated: 18/11/2005