Better living service


Older lady exercising with stretch bands

Better living service Adults is a free twelve-week exercise and healthy weight programme. Group based sessions run in Leisure Centres and Community Halls across Calderdale from Monday to Saturday and on some evenings.

Better living service aims to introduce people to safe and structured exercise whilst encouraging and supporting them to achieve their goals. Whether it be increased physical fitness, weight loss or physical rehabilitation - our specialist advanced instructors are there each step of the way.

Our members benefit from unlimited use of Calderdale Council's Active Lifestyles card for use in the gyms, swimming pools and exercise classes - free of charge for twelve weeks. After this all these activities can be enjoyed at a reduced rate.

What kind of exercise is it?

We offer various exercise classes including:

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Eligibility criteria

If you wish to register for one of programmes please call 01422 230230, they will ask you some questions relating to your eligibility. To calculate your BMI visit- Healthy Weight BMI Calculator|External link

If you have any of the above conditions, you should ask your GP for a referral to the Better Living Service.

Last Updated: 25/08/2016