How are we doing in Calderdale?

In the year 2012 / 2013 Calderdale Council were amongst the top 10 recycling authorities in England and led the way in the Yorkshire and Humber region with 61% recycling - Thank you.

However, we still spent an estimated £500,000 on waste that could have been recycled by putting it into the recycling containers that we provide. So please recycle all that you can.

What's in your bin?

The average wheelie bin in Calderdale contains 13.5 kilograms of waste on collection day. As data shows, a large proportion of this waste could be recycled via the recycling service offered to residents on a weekly basis, so please ensure you recycle all you can!

Pie chart showing percentage of waste and recycling in a typical bin
Waste categoryProportion of bin
Paper / card19.87%
Plastic film6.64%
Dense plastic9.62%
Misc. combustible16.61%
Misc. non-combustible2.16%
Garden waste5.50%
Other putrescibles26.14%
Ferrous metal2.76%
Non-ferrous metal1.49%
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE)1.13%
Potentially hazardous0.56%

Waste facts and figures

Yorkshire and Humberside Recycling Table

The table shows that Calderdale leads the way in recycling performance in Yorkshire and the Humber. A big thank you to you all for helping the authority achieve this.

AuthorityHousehold waste recycling rate
Calderdale MBC60.61%
East Riding of Yorkshire Council53.91%
Ryedale District Council51.97%
Bradford City MDC (MBC)51.85%
Barnsley MBC49.88%
Kingston-upon-Hull City Council48.54%
York City Council45.96%
North Yorkshire County Council45.68%
Hambleton District Council45.24%
North Lincolnshire Council43.93%
Craven District Council43.38%
Selby District Council43.27%
Richmondshire District Council41.61%
Rotherham MBC41.47%
Doncaster MBC41.18%
Scarborough Borough Council40.89%
Leeds City Council MBC40.28%
Wakefield City MDC39.54%
Harrogate Borough Council34.60%
Kirklees MBC32.57%
North East Lincolnshire Council32.43%
Sheffield City Council27.72%

(Source: Wastedataflow, October 2013)

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Last Updated: 23/11/2015