Garden waste and composting

Garden Waste Collection Trial

Calderdale Council and SITA UK commenced a trial collection of garden waste, fortnightly, between April and September 2012 from 1,500 properties, split between the Illingworth and Hipperholme areas. Some properties being provided with 2 strong sacks for their garden waste and some with wheelie bins (which were the same height but slimmer than the standard wheelie bin already used for refuse). The purpose of the trial was to gather information on collection methods, as well as on weights of garden waste. The garden waste was turned into compost. 

Any residents using the garden waste sacks can keep them for future use at the Household Waste Recycling Centres. 

Thank you to everyone who took part in the trial, you provided us with some useful information. Unfortunately we are not able to introduce further garden waste collections at the moment. We are now looking at the possibility of introducing garden waste into the next waste collection contract which is due for renewal in 2016. Until then, there are no immediate plans to collect garden waste.


Compost bin

The Council encourages householders to use home composting as a means of diverting organic household waste away from landfill. Calderdale Council, in partnership with getcomposting, are offering subsidised compost bins to Calderdale residents.

There are two offers:

There is a £5.99 charge for delivery. To order please phone the orderline 0845 130 6090 or visit GetComposting|External link.

Garden waste

There are also separate composting skips for householders to deposit their garden waste at the district's five Household waste recycling centres (HWRC’s) (tips).

Any plant material (grass cuttings, hedge clippings and tree branches) deposited in these skips is taken away to be composted under controlled conditions at locations inside and outside Calderdale. The finished product is returned to the land as soil improver.

We know that not everyone has access to a vehicle to drive to a HWRC so the Council provides white bags to dispose of small amounts of garden waste. The white bags can be purchased from any Calderdale Council cash office or Customer First point. See Local offices.

If you fill and leave your white bags outside your home they will be collected, usually on your domestic bin collection day. Unfortunately, this will not be recycled into compost as it will be picked up by your usual waste collection crew. Larger items of garden waste, e.g. tree cuttings, are collected for a charge. To arrange a quote, please call Customer First on 01422 288002.

Christmas tree recycling

Following the festive season of Christmas, the Council usually provides a Christmas tree recycling service throughout January. You will be able to take your old Christmas tree to disposal points throughout Calderdale and these will be used to make mulch and improve soils in parks and gardens in the Borough.

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Last Updated: 01/06/2015