Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs)

Vehicle permit scheme

To safeguard residents against subsidising businesses, the Council operates a commercial vehicle permit system to prevent abuse and avoidance of payment.

No permit required

If you have a car, 4x4 or a people carrier, with or without a standard camping size trailer (6' x 4'), you can enter any site and recycle or dispose of any household waste without a permit.

Permit required

All vans (including hire vehicles), pick-up vehicles and vehicles with large trailers require a permit to use our sites.

Where a permit is required

There are three types of permits available for vehicles other than cars, 4x4's or people carriers:

  1. Recycling permit - unlimited visits valid for 12 months
    This permit allows the holder to dispose of recyclables at no charge at a chosen Calderdale Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC). The types of vehicles this applies to are:
    • A van, i.e.:
      a vehicle without side rear windows;
      a flat back vehicle, including 4x4 pickups with a flat back and / or a crew cab;
      a pickup vehicle;
      a vehicle with more than 2 axles;
      box or Luton-style vehicle.
    • A twin-axle trailer up to 3m in length including all parts of the trailer chassis and fixtures
    • A hire van
    • A car that is unable to fit under the height barrier.
  2. Permit for non-recyclable items - permit issued for 1 year, or 6 trips whichever is sooner
    The permit cannot be renewed before the expiry date even if the 6 trips have been used before the expiry date.
  3. One-off visit permit - valid for 1 month at a specified HWRC (maximum 12 per year)
    This permit allows the holder to visit a single specified HWRC within one calendar month of the permit's issue, and one visit is allowed per permit. Only items requested on the permit can be disposed of, such as fridges, freezers, furniture or any other bulky household items.

Applying for a permit

You can obtain a Vehicle permit by attending either the Halifax Household Waste site or Todmorden (Eastwood) Household Waste Site with the following documentation:

You will then be allocated the appropriate permit for you to use.

Permits can only be applied for Monday to Friday we are unable to process application at the weekends. The application has to be made in person at the Halifax or Todmorden Sites only.

Please apply for a vehicle permit before you want to use it, as sometimes there is a delay when issuing the permit. Calderdale MBC reserve the right to inspect your waste prior to accepting it at the HWRC.

What's not admitted

The following are not admitted onto our sites under any circumstances:

Trade waste disposal

We are not licensed to accept waste from commercial or business activities or trade waste. Commercial or trade waste can be deposited at: Halifax TLS, Lee Bank, Ovenden Road, Halifax, HX3 5PN. A charge will apply. For more information about trade waste see trade and business waste.

Permit enquiries

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Last Updated: 05/07/2016