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Excess waste

Wrong - wheelie bin with open lid and extra bin bags

Calderdale Council has a "no side waste, closed lid procedure" to encourage more use of the recycling boxes and bags, and to help increase our recycling rate. So, if your bin is overflowing and you have extra waste (bagged or un-bagged) left at the side of your bin on collection day, this is defined as "side waste". Closed lid means the wheelie bin lid must be shut completely. We will not collect side waste, or empty bins which are so full that the lid won’t close.

If you think you have a lot of waste and your bin is overflowing, please contact us. We can discuss the issues with you and you may find you require more recycling containers, or if you are a large family (6 or more living permanently in the same house), you may be eligible for a second wheelie bin for your waste, as long as you are recycling all you can. (Properties on a sack collection would instead have up to 8 sacks taken on collection day).

Note: there is a £30 delivery charge for wheelie bins, payable in advance. If you would like to request an extra bin or sacks, phone 01422 288002 with your bank details to hand. A Council officer will then contact you to confirm your additional bin or sacks.

Correct - wheelie bin with closed lid

What will happen to excess waste?

If the bin crews find any bin where the lid is not fully closed and / or has excess waste at the side the following procedure will take place:

If excess waste continues to be a problem for a resident and all help has been given then, in extreme circumstances, further action may be taken by the council.


There is a £30 delivery charge for all new, replacement or additional wheelie bins which is payable in advance through phoning 01422 288002 or at any Council cash office.

Residents who don't have a wheelie bin

If you don't have a wheelie bin, a maximum of 4 standard issued bin bags will be taken on collection day. Any extra bags will be stickered and left.

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Last Updated: 03/02/2017