Household collections

Assisted collections

Help with taking waste / recycling to a collection point

If you can’t manage to take your waste or recycling to the edge of your property on collection day, we may be able to offer help.

Permanent help with taking wheelie bins / recycling containers to the required collection point can be given to households where there is no able bodied person (15 years old or over) living at the property, and all residents meet one or more of the following conditions:

Temporary help may be given to households where there is a need, for example following a stay in hospital, and there is no other person available to do this job. This is limited to 3 months, but then a further application for help can be made.

To apply for an assisted collection, please fill in the Request for assistance online form.

If you meet the criteria a Council Officer may arrange to visit you to verify your documents in support of your application.

If you have any difficulty filling in the form, or need more information, please ring 01422 288002 and we will help you or arrange for a Council Officer to visit you.

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Last Updated: 27/07/2016