Search and comment on planning applications

Comment on an application

Note: If you submit a comment about an application your name and address will be displayed on the web site.

The quickest way to make a comment is to submit it online.

You do this by registering on our Public Access system. This is quick and easy and you only have to register once. The benefit of commenting online is that your comments are sent straight through to the planning officer dealing with the application.

Registering to comment online

Register to comment

If you have already registered and wish to comment on an application, go direct to the Planning application search: Login

Your comments can be any length; however the system will time you out after 60 minutes. If your comments are quite lengthy you are advised to type them to a text file and copy and paste them into the Make a Comment box.

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Alternatively you can submit your comments in writing, including the planning application reference number in your letter.

Your letter will be scanned and put on our website, so print your name, rather than signing it and don’t include personal e-mail addresses or telephone numbers.

Note: If you indicate that you would like an acknowledgment when you submit your comment online you will receive an e-mail: if you submit your comment by post you will not receive an acknowledgement. 

Timescales for making comments

Timescales interface for planning applications

Applications can be publicised in a number of ways, by neighbour notification letter, site notice or press notice. You are advised to submit your comments within 3 weeks of the start of this publicity. Whilst we have to take in to account any comments submitted up to the point an application is determined, we can determine an application once the publicity period has expired.

You can find out when this 3 week period expires by viewing the 'Important Dates' tab of the application: Search planning applications

Because more than one method of publicity can be used, check the Neighbour Consultation, Latest Advertisement and Latest Site Notice expiry dates for the end of the publicity period.

Anonymous letters of representation

We do not consider anonymous letters of representation. We will only consider those that include a name and postal address. If you e-mail us a letter of representation rather than submitting your comments online, the e-mail will be returned to you if you don't include a postal address.

If you aren't comfortable having your name and address publically available you can raise concerns about an application with a Ward Councillor. Contact details can be found by searching for an application and selecting Contacts.

Permitted grounds for objection

Keep your comments relevant and related to planning issues.

Objections which will be considered include:

Consideration will not be given to objections such as:

Defamatory / libellous / offensive / abusive content

Where letters are received that could be considered to be defamatory, libellous, offensive or abusive they will not be considered as part of the application assessment or made public and if considered appropriate they may be forwarded to the Police for further investigation.

What happens to your comments

The case officer allocated to deal with the application will review and take into consideration all the comments received during his / her assessment of the application. Any planning issues raised will be summarised in his / her report.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016