Will I get planning permission?

Nobody wishes to go to the expense and trouble of submitting a planning application if it’s likely that planning permission will be refused.

We would advise you to study the information on this web site and the Planning Portal|External link

As well as responses from bodies that we have consulted and any representations received, the following information would be looked at by a Planning Officer when considering a planning application.

We would look at:

If, after reviewing this information, you would still like guidance from Planning Services, we can offer differing levels of service depending on the complexity of your enquiry, though we have recently taken the decision to direct all enquiries about non-major proposals (see definition of major proposal below) to our Duty Planning officer in order to focus our limited resources on priorities set out by Central Government. We will continue to provide written advice for major development proposals.

Duty Planning Officer

Please note: The Duty Officer will only be available between 9.00am and 1.00pm - from 4 January 2017, this will change to 9.00am to 1.00pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday

If your proposal is for a non-major development we have an officer you can see at Halifax Customer First, 19 Horton Street, Halifax, between 9.00am – 1.00pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Due to demand, this service is limited to 15 minute slots. This service does not cover whether planning permission would be needed for a proposal; though guidance can be provided about the legislation that covers permitted development rights. Further information on whether planning permission is required can be seen on our web page Do I need planning permission.

As the slots are limited to 15 minutes only general advice can be given and will not cover a site's allocation on the Unitary Development Plan, planning history of a site, or any constraints that relate to a site. To ensure your meeting is as productive as possible, you are strongly advised to get this information before you visit the Duty Planning Officer.

Sketch plans of your proposal would also assist the Duty Planning Officer.

Major developments

If you have a major development proposal we can provide a multi disciplined response to establish whether planning permission is likely to be granted. Major development proposals are defined as:

This service costs £1080 (inclusive of VAT) and can include up to 2 meetings. If more time is needed, the fee would be subject to negotiation.

You can pay:

Note: You should pay the fee when you submit your enquiry as we will not process your enquiry until the correct payment has been received.

To assist us in providing you with the most informed advice, you need to provide:

The more information you provide the better informed our advice will be.

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Submit your enquiry by:

Your proposal will take at least 5 working days to be assessed. We will then contact you to inform you which planning officer will handle your enquiry and give you a direct telephone number / e-mail address. You can then contact the officer to arrange a convenient appointment time.

Sometimes the planning issues may be easy to identify, in which case a meeting may not be needed. The planning officer will be able to advise about this when you telephone / e-mail.

A response is usually sent out within 15 working days.

Of course you also have the option of submitting an application. If you choose this option, we will write to you if we need any further information / fee to make your application valid.

Your application will be assigned to a planning officer, who will contact you if it’s unlikely to receive planning permission or if amendments to it would make it acceptable. It should take approximately 8 weeks for a decision to made.

If your application is refused, you have the option to re-submit your application for free (the description of the proposal and application site must stay the same and you must re-submit within 1 year from the date of the refusal.) You are advised to speak to your case officer to discuss ways in which you can overcome any reasons for refusal.

For further information see Apply for planning permission.

Last Updated: 15/12/2016