Unitary development plan

The Statutory Development Plan for Calderdale is the Replacement Calderdale Unitary Development Plan (RCUDP) which was adopted on 25th August 2006.

Note: Since the adoption of the RCUDP there have been changes to conservation areas in the district. RCUDP policies relating to conservation areas will apply to the new areas. For further information on these changes, contact the Conservation Team on: 01422 392265.

The RCUDP was amended on 25th August 2009 by Direction of the Secretary of State. This extended the life of some policies for an indefinite period, until deleted or replaced by policy within the Local Plan, but has deleted 46 policies. The published RCUDP has been amended by striking through the text to reflect the Direction. Planners and decision-makers are not able to refer to the deleted text / policies in their decisions.

The Direction from the Secretary of State:

The RCUDP Proposals Map and Written Statement Adopted August 2006 (as amended 2009) are available to purchase. The view the map online, see:Unitary Development Plan 2006 .

In March 2012, the Government released the NPPF National Planning Policy Framework|External link

Where the RCUDP is out of date (that is not reflecting the aims and policies of the NPPF) or is silent on any particular issue, planning decisions must be based upon the policies within the NPPF.

The Council is preparing a new Local Plan which will supersede the RCUDP when it is adopted.

Any queries regarding the Replacement Calderdale UDP should be directed to the Spatial Planning Team.

Last Updated: 24/06/2016