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Transport assessment and statement

Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 4, Paragraph 32
Replacement Unitary Development Plan – Policy GT5
Type of application
  • Major development proposals likely to have a significant transport impact on the existing transport network.
  • The following document (or any that supercedes it) from the Department of Transport provides more guidance as to when a Transport Assessment would be required Threshold Guidance for Transport Assessments [PDF]|External link.
Geographic locations where this information is requiredAs required
What information is requiredSee 'Further Information'
Where to look for further assistanceIf, after reading the 'Further Information', you are still unsure about the information you should submit please contact the Council’s Highway Officers on 01422 392968.

Further information

The National Planning Policy Framework states that a Transport Statement or Assessment (TA) should be submitted as part of any planning application for developments that generate significant amount of movements. The coverage and detail of the TA should reflect the scale of the development and the extent of the transport implications of the proposal.

For smaller schemes the Transport Statement should simply outline the transport aspects of the application, while for major proposals, the TA should illustrate accessibility to the site by all modes of transport, and the likely modal split of journeys to and from the site. It should also give details of proposed measures to improve access by public transport, walking and cycling, to reduce the need for parking associated with the proposal, and to mitigate transport impacts. Further guidance will be found in Guidance on Transport Assessments|External link, published by the Department for Transport. This includes, at Appendix B page 47, the thresholds for Transport Assessments. (which can be either speculative and non-speculative).

Last Updated: 01/09/2016