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Town centre uses - Impact assessment

Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 2 Paragraph 23-27 and Section 8 Paragraph 70
Planning Policy Statement 4 Planning For Town Centres: Practice Guidance on need, impact and the sequential approach [PDF]|External link
Type of application
  • Retail and leisure developments over 2,500 square metres gross located outside a designated town centre and not in accordance with an up to date development plan.
  • Retail and leisure developments less than 2,500 square metres gross, located outside a designated town centre and not in accordance with the development plan and that would be likely to have a significant effect on other town centres
  • Main town centre uses (as Defined by NPPF) in an existing centre which are not in accordance with the development plan and would substantially increase the attraction to the centre to an extent that the development could have an impact on other centres.
Geographic locations where this information is requiredAs required (see information under ‘Type of application’)
What information is requiredSee 'Further Information'
Where to look for further assistanceIf, after reading the Further Information you are still unsure about the information to submit contact the Council's Spatial Planning Team on 01422 392380.

Further information

The National Planning Policy Framework defines main town centre uses as follows: Retail development (including warehouse clubs and factory outlet centres); leisure, entertainment facilities, the more intensive sport and recreation uses (including cinemas, restaurants, drive-through restaurants, bars and pubs, night-clubs, casinos, health and fitness clubs, indoor bowling centres, and bingo halls); offices; and arts, culture and tourism development (including theatres, museums, galleries and concert halls, hotels and conference facilities).

National Planning Policy Framework Paragraphs 26 and 27 outline the key considerations for an impact assessment and when applications should be refused.

Planning Policy Statement 4 Planning For Town Centres: Practice Guidance on need, impact and the sequential approach (Dec 2009), sets out the main town centre uses to which the policy applies and the key considerations for which applicants should present evidence. The level and type of evidence and analysis required to address the key considerations should be proportionate to the scale and nature of the proposal. A checklist for scoping impact assessments is set out on page 60.

In addition it is worth noting that information relating to the likely impact of a use may be required for other Town Centre uses of differing scales, during the life of an application, commensurate with Policy TPE5 (Preferred Options, Core Strategy October 2012) and that if this Policy is adopted, these requirements may be included on the Local List.

Policy TPE5

Retail impact assessments and local thresholds

Proposals located on the edge, or outside, of a retail centre's defined primary shopping area will be subject to a retail impact assessment if they exceed the following floorspace thresholds.

Impact Assessment Thresholds on New Gross Floorspace

CentreConvenience goodsComparison goods
Hebden Bridge150m2400m2
Sowerby Bridge300m2100m2
All other centresAllAll

The assessment should consider the following impacts on all centres located within the anticipated catchment area of the new development:

All applications to remove restrictions on the type of goods sold in out-of-centre retail warehouse locations should undertake an impact assessment.

Where any proposal is likely to have a significant adverse impact on a defined centre it will be refused.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016