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Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 5, Paragraph 44-45
Replacement Unitary Development Plan – Policies BE11
Type of applicationTelecommunications applications
Geographic locations where this information is requiredWhere relevant
What information is required
  • A signed declaration that the equipment and installation fully complies with the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) requirements and confirmation of site type (macro or micro)
  • the outcome of consultations with organisations with an interest in the proposed development, in particular with the relevant body where a mast is to be installed near a school or college or within a statutory safeguarding zone surrounding an aerodrome or technical site; and
  • for an addition to an existing mast or base station, a statement that self certifies that the cumulative exposure, when operational, will not exceed International Commission on non-ionising radiation protection guidelines;
  • Details of alternative sites rejected with a justification for rejecting them: this should include existing masts, structures and other buildings within the search area.
Where to look for further assistanceSee 'Further Information'. If after reading the Further Information you are still unsure what information you should submit contact The Duty Planning Officer on 01422 392237.

Further Information

Code of Best Practice on Mobile Phone Network Development|External link

Last Updated: 14/09/2016