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Surface water drainage assessment

Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 10
Replacement Unitary Development Plan – Policies EP16 and EP17 (This area is currently under review at the national level and is likely to change in the near future - the requirements of this List will reflect these changes as and when they are brought into force.)
Type of applicationOperational development of 100sq metres or over that creates a need for the disposal of surface water, e.g. where a new roof is being created or the ground is being covered by a non permeable surface.
Geographic locations where this information is requiredAny area of Calderdale
What information is requiredConfirmation that a feasible, and where necessary, consented, surface water drainage scheme which satisfies national & local guidance has been demonstrated. This report should form part of the Flood Risk Assessment where one is required. Where a Flood Risk Assessment is not required, questions 11-20 of the Surface Water Drainage Self Assessment Form [PDF file 109KB]|PDF file should be completed.
Where to look for further assistanceSee 'Further Information'. If, after reading the Further Information, you are still unsure about the information you submit, contact the Councils Drainage Engineer on 01422 392168.

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Last Updated: 22/11/2016