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Private water supply

Policy driver

Circular 06/2005|External link
National Planning Policy Framework|External link Paragraph 10, 94, 109, 120, 156

Planning Practice Guidance: Water Supply

Replacement Unitary Development Plan - Policies 

NE4, EP14, H9

BS 670

Type of application
  • New development proposals in an area where there will be an increased burden on a private water supply resulting from an increased maximum number of people living or working at the development.” This excludes householder development unless it involves the creation of additional bedrooms.
Geographic locations where this information is requiredWhere relevant.
What information is required

The details to be submitted must identify:-

the location and nature of the source of the water supply to be used (eg borehole, well, spring)

any other uses already made of the supply

the location of septic tanks within 50m of the supply source and the supply distribution pipework

If an existing private water supply is to be used then information about the quantity of water available its existing use and proposed use is required (details of how to provide this information can been seen under Further Information)

Where to look for further assistanceIf, after reading the 'Further Information' you are still unsure about the information to submit please contact the Council’s Environmental Health Officer on 01422  392373 / 392307 / 392311.

Further Information

Adequate water must available to serve the proposed development. Calderdale Maps on-line shows the approximate location of the public ‘mains’ water supply network. 

In order to validate your planning application you must submit written details of the private water supply for ‘domestic purposes’ for this residential development or place of work to the local planning authority.   ‘Domestic Purposes’ includes

human consumption and cooking purposes

sanitation and laundry

the washing of vehicles and the watering of gardens

If an existing private water supply is to be used then information about the quantity of water available is required:-

E.g. it takes an average of 90 seconds to fill a 10 litre bucket,

      Total water available = 86400 seconds ÷90 seconds x 10 litres = 9600 litres / day

E.g. 6 houses are already served by the supply. Each has 2 double bedrooms and 1 single bedroom. The existing water demand is 6 houses x 5 bed spaces x 200 litres per head = 6000 litres/ day. In this example there are 3600 litres of unused water a day to support further development.


Commercial and agricultural uses of water may draw higher levels of water than are featured in BS6700.

E.g. a new house will have 1 double and 2 single bedrooms and a study the size of a single bedroom. 5 bed spaces x 200 litres each = 1000 litres. In this example there is sufficient water to meet that demand out of the 2600 litres of unused water available.

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