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Noise assessment

Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 11 Paragraph 109,123
Type of application
  • Noise sensitive” developments adjacent to major roads, rail or other noise sources e.g. industrial/commercial including car parks and service yards, eating/drinking establishments and sports fields.
  • Developments which contain noise sources, whether internally or externally, which may have an impact upon existing “noise sensitive” uses.
  • Mixed Use developments i.e. commercial and residential accommodation
Geographic locations where this information is requiredNoise sensitive” development include residential developments, hospitals, schools and care homes
What information is requiredSee 'Further Information'
Where to look for further assistanceIf, after reading the Further Information you are still unsure as to what to submit please contact the Council's Pollution Team on 01422 392373 / 392307 / 392311.

Further information

Noise can be generated by a number of different sources, including road and rail traffic, industrial and commercial processes, external plant, and entertainment uses such as restaurants, public houses and nightclubs which are often at the peak of their activity in the evening and night, and on weekends. Noise arises not only from within premises but also externally from associated arrivals, departures, people noise and vehicle parking.

A noise assessment assists the Local Planning Authority in making judgments as to whether a scheme is acceptable. Developers should discuss their proposals and any need for a noise assessment with the Council at pre-planning application stage. The requirement for a noise assessment and what survey investigations should account for will be determined on a site by site basis, taking account of the specifics of the proposals and the character of the area. 

Regard should be had to BS 4142: 2014 and BS 8233: 2014 or other appropriate standards where these do not apply.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016