Local list

Review of Local List

The Local List is a list of information that may need to be submitted with your planning application to enable it to be processed. The information requirements will differ depending on the type of application that is being submitted and where the development is to be located. 

The Government requires us to take a proportional approach to our requirements for information. 

This list  is reviewed at least every 2 years and was reviewed on 31 July 2013 and again on 9 June 2015.

Proposed changes were identified on this page and comments invited over an 8 week period. The consultation period has now ended.

Three comments were received which all related to the need to clarify when information is required:-

1. The type of application where an air quality assessment is required is unclear and needs simplifying.  

RESPONSE: This has now been simplified.

2. It's not clear whether a ventilation and extraction statement is required for air conditioning units.

RESPONSE: Such a statement is not required in relation to air conditioning units. This has been clarified.

3. It's not clear what an increase in maximum persons living in a residential property could mean in terms of type of development requiring a Private Water Supply Statement.

RESPONSE: Where a householder development is proposed a statement will only be required where it is proposed to increase the number of bedrooms.  This has been clarified.

4. Planning Obligations Statements are no longer required for anything other than developments that are for or include a residential development over a certain size.

RESPONSE: As planning obligations can now only be used in relation to affordable housing the requirement for a statement that includes open space, education contributions etc has been removed.

The requirements of the 2015 Local List will be effective from 13th August 2015.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016