Local list

Review of Local List

The Local List is a list of information that may need to be submitted with your planning application to enable it to be processed. The information requirements will differ depending on the type of application that is being submitted and where the development is to be located. 

The Government requires us to take a proportional approach to our requirements for information. 

This list  is reviewed at least every 2 years and was reviewed on 9 June 2015

The requirements of the 2015 Local List were effective from 13th August 2015.

The Local List now needs to be reviewed again. A number of changes are proposed as follows:-

  1. The current requirement for an Air Quality Impact Assessment is being reviewed, to establish whether, within the requirements of the adopted WYES policy there is any scope to require an assessment that more closely reflects the scale and nature of a proposed development.
  2. Minor amendments to the self assessment bat form are proposed which seek to clarify the information required, especially in relation to photographs.
  3. Correction of an incomplete sentence relating to a Coal Risk Assessment and the inclusion of a link to the Exemptions List.
  4. Reference to an Affordable Housing Contribution will be removed from the Planning Obligations requirement as there is no current policy justification to include it.
  5. The requirement for a Renewable Energy Statement will be removed as the current UDP policy is now out of date.

An 8 week consultation period, ending on 24th July, will begin as of 29th May 2017.

If you would like to make any comments please do so by e-mailing
planning.applications@calderdale.gov.ukbefore 24th July, using ‘LOCAL LIST CONSULTATION’ in the subject box. The results of the consultation will be summarised on this web page along with any amendments to the Local List that result from it.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016