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Land stability

Policy driverNational Planning Policy Framework|External link Section 11 Paragraph 120
Replacement Unitary Development Plan – Policies EP11
Type of application
  • Developments on land known or suspected to be potentially unstable
  • Proposals for free standing retaining structures e.g. gabion baskets
  • Proposals for the excavation of land that would affect site stability.
Geographic locations where this information is requiredUnstable land identified on Replacement Unitary Development Plan Proposals Map
What information is requiredA report assessing the nature and scale of any stability problems and identifying any measures required to overcome the problems. See 'Further Information'.
Where to look for further assistanceSeek specialist consultants advice.

Further information

The handling of individual applications for development on land which is known or suspected to be unstable or potentially unstable will need to take account of the potential hazard that such instability could create both to the development itself and to the neighbouring area. Whilst there is scope for flexibility, and each application must be treated on its merits, it is important that the local planning authority is satisfied by the developer that any instability has been taken into account.

The causes of ground instability fall into three broad categories: the effects of underground cavities; unstable slopes; and ground compression.

Last Updated: 14/09/2016