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Economic statement

Policy driverReplacement Unitary Development Plan – Policy GE1 & Policy E5
Type of applicationNon-employment development which would result in loss of land or buildings with a lawful use for employment (Use Classes B1 to B8 or other employment uses).
Geographic locations where this information is requiredSites identified as Primary Employment Areas and New Employment Sites on the Replacement Unitary Development Plan Proposals Map.
What information is required

The statement should include:

  • Justification / evidence as to why the site cannot support an employment use. See 'Further Information' as to details required in Statement.
Where to look for further assistanceIf you are still unsure, after reading the 'Further Information' about what information to submit, please contact the Business and Economy Section on (01422) 392810.

Further information

The Statement must include evidence that:

Last Updated: 30/08/2016